Author: Alyssa

Brendan Rigby, Managing Director, WhyDev

Stop and ask yourself Why? It takes more than passion and wanting to make a different to truly make a difference. The sector needs creativity, innovation and a bucking; it needs those who are not satisfied with the status quo and just continuing how things are currently done. Are you that person? Name: Brendan Rigby Current Position: Managing Director Nationality: Australian Organisation: WhyDev Qualifications…

Emma Jones, Program Assistant, Advocates Coalition for Development and the Environment

Being in the places where the roles are available will ensure that you will meet the right people whilst staying informed about the sector. Securing employment or an internship is much more effective when your CV is handed directly to someone or placed directly onto a director’s desk instead of arriving to a full email inbox.

Adrian Enright, Global Coordinator (Climate Change Adaptation & Climate Smart Agriculture Program), SNV – Netherlands Development Organisation

In four years of working in development, I have not applied for a single position. I have always been approached by people working in the area who have then offered me positions which have then led to others. Investing in some ‘field time’ or volunteer work early on in your career path can be an excellent way to build these networks.

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